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Representative Navarro Working to Provide Positive Rehabilitation for Young Offenders

Representative Clarice Navarro and Representative Daneya Esgar are the House Sponsors for Senate Bill 15-182, which passed through the House Judiciary Committee today with a 13-0 vote. The goal of Senate Bill 15-182 is to provide the Executive Director of the Department of Corrections (DOC) the ability to transfer certain inmates, age 24 years old and younger from the Department of Corrections to the Youthful Offender System (YOS), in order for them to participate in age appropriate rehabilitation.

Young adults placed in the Department of Corrections with veteran repeat offenders’, can be overwhelmed by the negative atmosphere, and can be swayed away from rehabilitation and directed toward a prolonged criminal lifestyle. The Youthful Offender System takes offenders that aspire to reorient their lives away from criminal activity and incarceration. The intent is to provide an environment with a heavy focus on rehabilitation and a reduction of recidivism. The YOS holds the young offenders accountable by continuously engaging them with opportunities to make positive behavioral changes, and transform them into productive law-abiding citizens. 

The Youthful Offender System facility can hold up to 250 offenders, and it is located in Pueblo on the grounds of the Colorado Mental Health Institute of Pueblo. The Senate Sponsors for this bill are Senator Leroy Garcia and Senator Larry Crowder. Now that Senate Bill 15-182 has passed the Judiciary Committee it will be up for second reading in the House, putting it one step closer to being enacted and helping young offenders find positive rehabilitation.

Navarro Receives Unanimous Approval - Another Win for Veterans

Senate Joint Resolution 15-008 passed the House State, Veterans, and Military Affairs Committee today with an uncontested 11-0 vote. Sponsored by Senator Crowder and Representative Navarro, Resolution 15-008, aims to provide Congressional support for U.S. Senate Bill 1602, “Toxic Exposure Research and Military Family Support Act of 2013”. Senate Bill 1602 was introduced in the U.S. Senate on October 29th, 2013 and then assigned to the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee where it still remains having made no progress. 

The Department of Veterans Affairs compensates veterans that have diseases due to their exposure to toxic chemicals during their military service. Recent research has shown that descendants of veterans exposed to toxic chemicals are just as likely to contract certain diseases because of their ancestors’ exposure. Senate Joint Resolution 15-008 states, “[As of now] No government agency has addressed the full effects of toxic substances exposure that these veterans have passed on to their descendants.” Research has shown up to 700 diseases including diabetes, leukemia, autism, and various cancers can be attributed to veterans' exposure to toxic chemicals.  

Senate Bill 1602 will establish a national medical treatment facility to diagnose, treat, and research conditions of the descendants of individuals exposed to toxic chemicals. Depending on the severity of their illness, 1602 will also make descendants eligible for long-term medical treatment. Lastly, the bill requires the Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Secretary of Health and Human Services, and Secretary of Defense to jointly conduct a national outreach and education campaign directed at service members, veterans and their families.

While visiting with members of the American GI Forum in Pueblo this past Summer, Representative Navarro found this issue to be very important to veterans across the Southern Colorado District. She hopes this resolution will make an impression on legislators in Washington D.C.  in order to give these veterans and their families the benefits they deserve.

Senate Joint Resolution 15-008 passed through the State Senate in February, and is now waiting to be read in front of the House of Representatives. Afterwards, it will only be a step away from being enacted, and then go on to show that not only does Representative Navarro support and care for our veterans and their families, but the entire state legislature does as well.


Representative Navarro’s House Bill 1136 passed through the Colorado State House of Representatives today with an uncontested 65-0 vote. House Bill 1136 will give veterans the option to get two handicap license plates and placards, instead of current legislation that limits them to only one license plate and placard. 

"It is unheard of not to give the same benefits to disabled veterans as we do to the disabled non-veterans in our state. Veterans have put their lives on the line to defend our country, therefore they deserve the best benefits the state has to offer, and certainly the same that are available to non-veteran citizens. I’m very proud my colleagues recognized, unanimously, how important this bill is." - Representative Navarro 

House Bill 1136 will move on to the State Senate where it will hopefully receive unanimous support again, and it moves one step closer to benefiting those who have sacrificed so much for our freedoms.  The Senate sponsor is State Senator Laura Woods.

Feb 2015 Newsletter

Tax Deduction for Educators Passes Through the House

In true bipartisan fashion HB 1104, Educator’s Tax Deduction Bill, passed 3rd reading on the House floor.  Now the bill will move to the Senate, where Senator Mike Johnston (D) sponsors it. 

Currently many factors cause teachers to have to utilize their personal money to meet the requirements of education laws and curriculum demands of their schools.

“Today the Colorado House showed that it wants to give something back to our educators.  We cannot sit by and wait for the Federal government to decide if our educators deserve another tax deduction.  I am happy to be part of the creation and passage of HB 1104.  Educators provide much for our children, and I hope this shows them that we in the Colorado Legislature appreciate all that they do for us and our students,” stated Representative Clarice Navarro.

According to the National School Supply & Equipment Association, 99.5% of all public school teachers spent some amount of money out of pocket, the national average for 2012-13 comes in at approximately $485.

HB 1104 shows that the Colorado Legislature can work together in a bipartisan fashion, and that they support our educators.  The bill will take effect for FY 2016 and last for three years. 

Representative Navarro’s Tax Deduction for Educators Bill, Moves to the Committee of the Whole

March 6, 2015:  Today is a day that the Colorado State Legislature can say that they stand with the educators of Colorado and acknowledge their dedication to our students.  On a 12-1 vote in the Appropriations Committee and moves to the Committee of the Whole.

“This bill allows us to show some of our gratitude towards our educators,” stated Representative Navarro.  “This bill was meant to be a bipartisan showing of how both parties can come together for Colorado educators and that the dedication to their students has not, and will not go unnoticed.” 

HB 1104, Educator’s Tax Deduction Bill, was passed in a bipartisan fashion, and the fact that it is moving forward shows a commitment on the part of the Colorado State Legislature to teachers and kids. 
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