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At the State Capitol: House votes on shapes of edibles

From the Pueblo Chieftain:  A bill to create rules that prohibit edible medical and retail marijuana products shaped like a human, animal or fruit, passed the Colorado House on Wednesday by a 49-15 vote.

The bill, 1436, sponsored by Democratic Reps. Dan Pabon of Denver and Joann Ginal of Fort Collins, is designed to protect kids from accidentally ingesting marijuana edibles that are easily confused with candy passed out of the House

Pueblo Rep. Clarice Navarro, a Republican, was a co-sponsor of the bill.

“This is a common-sense bill to protect our kids,” said Pabon, according to a press release. “My 3-year-old can’t tell the difference between a gummy bear with THC and one without. When voters passed Amendment 64 in 2012, they didn’t intend to allow edibles that are easily confused as candy by children.”

“Marijuana products are designed for adults over 21 years of age and we are asking that these products don’t mimic products marketed to children,” said Ginal, a physician. “It’s a smart, reasonable approach to protecting Colorado children.”

The bill has the support of Gov. John Hickenlooper, who highlighted his concern with edibles in his State of the State speech this January.

The bill now goes to the Senate Business, Labor and Technology Committee.

— Compiled by Peter Strescino

- See more at: http://www.chieftain.com/mobile/msearch/4696652-123/bill-edibles-products-marijuana#sthash.MrA9wbAD.dpuf

End of Session Wrap-Up 2016


Bipartisanship Matter Letter to the Editor

As the 2nd Session of the 70th General Assembly winds down, and as we hear so much rhetoric on the national scene about Democrats vs. Republicans the tenor can become a bit disconcerting.  However, while all of that background noise is going on I’d like to highlight just a small portion of bipartisan work that exemplifies how each side of the aisle can come together to accomplish good legislation.

When I was first elected in 2012, and took office in 2013, it was after a bruising campaign and it was a very close race.  I was told by many that I’d never be able to pass any type of legislation because I had won in a newly designed district that had been designed by Democrats for a Democrat.  The election in 2012 came early in November, and while many won’t remember the results of that election I sure do, and so does my family.  I found out on Thanksgiving Day 2012, that I had actually won the seat, but my hopes were not high at that time that I’d be able to be an effective and influential legislator due to the makeup of the Colorado State House of Representatives, the Colorado State Senate and the sitting Governor.  It was clear my political life was going to be rough to say the least. 

I reflected on those days recently, and I wanted to share that there is plenty of bipartisan work getting done, even with a strong conservative like me, we’ve found common ground over the years, and we continue to do so.  While I operate off of core principles there is always opportunity in collaboration when and where it can be found without compromising why I ran for this seat in the first place.  Believe me; I hold the hardest of lines on many things.

Here are some interesting factoids about my bipartisanship work on behalf of the people of Colorado since I took office:

I have Sponsored/Cosponsored 39 bills that have had bipartisan support, all of which have been signed by the Governor of this great state.  These have included and impacted the following:

  • Effective Medicaid fraud protection
  • Effective youth engagement and opportunities
  • Effective care for our Veterans
  • Effective consumer protection
  • Effective expansion of opportunities for our students attending community colleges
  • Effective protection of victims of sexual assault
  • Effective protection of property rights
  • Effective opportunities for the disabled
  • Effective improvements to the Colorado Fraud Investigators’ Unit
  • Effective transportation improvements
  • Effective limitations to the bureaucracy for volunteer firefighters
  • Effective advancements for the Colorado Bureau of Investigation
  • Effective protections for those purchasing insurance
  • Effective protections for those with or wanting mortgages for home loans
  • Effective assistance for the purpose of agritourism
  • Effective legislation for charter schools
  • Effective legislation increasing transparency regarding public schools
  • Effective legislation assisting with the protection of Colorado’s historic structures
  • Effective legislation protecting the privacy of an individual
  • Effective legislation that assists in keeping Colorado safe by way of the Colorado Department of Corrections
  • Effective legislation that addresses mental health
  • Effective advocacy for skilled worker programs
  • Effective legislation to protect Colorado from the impacts of potential legislation
  • Effective legislation fighting human trafficking
  • Effective legislation protecting victims of domestic violence
  • Effective legislation that improves the opportunities for business development and job creation
  • Effective legislation addressing the solvency of PERA (State Employees Retirement System)

That is a sampling of the legislation that I’ve been able to work across the aisle on, and I’ll continue to see those opportunities while not compromising my conservative principles that have led me to represent the good people of Colorado in the State Legislature.  When all you seek and hear are the contradictory and angry rhetoric of folks on each side, I felt compelled to remind the people of Colorado that there are many instances outside of the inflammatory speak that leads Colorado to a better place, and I’m proud of the times in which I’ve been able to use bipartisanship as a means to do something good for the people I represent.

Representative Navarro Offers Bipartisan Proclamation Declaring May as Mental Health Month

Monday at the Colorado State Capitol, Representative Navarro (R) of House District 47, and the Speaker of the House, Dickey Lee Hullinghorst (D) will lead in the reading of the Proclamation that will declare May 2016, as Mental Health Month. It is work like this that brings awareness of the importance of preventing and treating mental health issues.

Representative Navarro stated, “Supporting mental health awareness is very important to me, and being involved in the kick-off of Mental Health Colorado’s campaign will very rewarding, and I am happy to support this organization and all that it does to shine a light on such an important issue facing Americans.”

Representative Navarro has continuously worked to pass legislation that aligns with these efforts, and she actively supports the work of organizations like Mental Health Colorado. The event attendees will be able to receive free mental health wellness screening. Coloradoans that attend this event and those around the state are encouraged to become aware of their mental health and utilize the resources and services that are available to them in their communities.

Principal of Trinity Lutheran School, Mr. Gosa, Gives Morning Prayer at State Capitol

This Friday (April 29), Mr. David Gosa, Principal of Trinity Lutheran School will give the morning prayer at the Colorado State Capitol. Trinity Lutheran School is located in Pueblo, Colorado and first opened its doors as a place for students to receive a Christian education in August of 1893.

Representative Navarro stated, “It is always great to have people from Southern Colorado at the Capitol. I am proud of the culture of Southern Colorado and encourage friends and constituents to visit the Capitol during the legislative session. As this legislative session winds down, having a leader that’s strong in their faith, like Mr. Gosa, at the Capitol is a great way to finish off the last few weeks of this contentious legislative session.”

Mr. Gosa will certainly share his faith and wisdom with State Representatives as he delivers the morning prayer on the House floor Friday morning. As a Republican, Representative Navarro is firm in her faith as a Christian and looking forward to having Mr. Gosa at the Capitol this week for the morning prayer.

Colorado State Fair: Money well spent

As I’ve said many times, the Colorado State Fair is staying in Pueblo, and I’m always ready to defend that stance.

The fair has been in Pueblo for over 140 years, and it is a part of, not only Pueblo’s heritage, but the entire state’s heritage. The fair also serves as a major economic boost to our community and the region, and that is why I’m supporting and promoting House Bill 16-1447.

I often am apprehensive about bills that come before the Legislature with large fiscal notes. However, this is a bill I can get behind because I feel that it is money well spent. House Bill 16-1447 is a bill for the Colorado State Fair Authority that will require a onetime general fund transfer for the purpose of renovating and enhancing the horse show arena area facilities used at the Colorado State Fair.

The amount requested in the proposed legislation is $100,000. Again, the fair benefits all of Colorado with special benefits for our 4-H and FFA kids — this is money well spent.

As I’m always interested and committed to keep the fair in Pueblo, I’m also interested in efficiencies and Colorado State Fair management. This is why I’ll be meeting with the new General Manager, Sarah Cummings, to take a close-up tour of the grounds to look at what more can be done with the Fair’s infrastructure and facilities to improve all that is so great about our fair.

I’m particularly interested in a “punch list” and a cumulative view from Sarah’s perspective, as to how we move the Fair forward in a positive way that brings in 1,000’s of people to our community and Southern Colorado. It’s a slippery slope to ask the Legislature for a little bit here and a little bit there before someone feels “nickled and dimed.”

In the months to come, I’ll be taking a hard look at what I can do for long-term and comprehensive solutions, but for now, this is a good bill and our fair deserves this — and I will be supporting it.

- See more at the Pueblo Chieftain: http://www.chieftain.com/mobile/msearch/4680155-123/fair-colorado-state-pueblo#sthash.mNbaUGE7.dpuf

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