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This guy is outrageous!



I have contemplated much about billionaire New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s characterization of Southern Colorado as being communities that are rural and “don’t have roads”.  It amazes me that someone of such education and wealth could be so ignorant.

Southern Colorado, despite some economic challenges (mostly caused by Bloomberg and his long time Colorado political allies) is a vibrant part of the great State of Colorado in its unique diversity and culture. 
Southern Colorado is host to colleges, universities, scientific research, industry, art, and most of all: Southern Colorado is home to authentic people who have a love for a rural way of life and western values.  Something that I am certain Mr. Bloomberg simply does not understand.
I was born and raised in Southern Colorado, and the pride that I feel about our communities radiates from me in the Colorado State Legislature…oh and by the way…I drive on an interstate to get to the Capitol…paved the entire way I might add.  It bothers me to think someone like Michael Bloomberg and his ignorant beliefs about Southern Colorado, has a free pass and immeasurable influence on our Governor, John Hickenlooper.   So perhaps this is more of a message to the Governor than it is to “Billionaire Bloomberg”.  Don’t allow your close friend Michael Bloomberg to speak poorly or mock Southern Colorado. 
So I make this plea to “Billionaire Bloomberg” and our Governor, instead of spending millions of your billions in an effort to influence elections in Southern Colorado, why don’t you spend some time getting to know Southern Colorado.  We are cultured, we love art, we send our children to college, we love science, we love nature, we love driving on our roads, and we like recall elections.
In your not so veiled attempt to insinuate that Southern Colorado isn’t what you think it should be…you have FAILED!  I’ve taken the liberty of attaching some links for you regarding Southern Colorado and all of the beauty and culture we have to share.  Look at that…we not only have roads, but we have the Internet too.
Southern Colorado Culture and Beauty (w/roads)
•        http://www.southern-colorado-guide.com/
•        https://www.google.com/images?hl=en&q=southern+colorado&gbv=2&sa=X&oi=image_result_group&ei=UkzJU8ncK-rwiwKKu4DIBg&ved=0CBQQsAQ
•        http://www.exploresoutheastcolorado.com/attractions.htm
•        http://www.royalgorgerafting.net/colorado-rafting-trips.php#ZL?_oskwdid=13272503&_engineadid=37511934816
All of this, and yet there is so much more! 

Michael Bloomberg has his money bags and sights set on this race.  It's small potatoes for him...but for me...every dollar counts. Would you help my re-election by contributing today?

Please make an online donation HERE. #majoritiesmatter 

Thank you!  Your generous support is greatly appreciated!

Clarice Navarro-Ratzlaff
State Representative

Newsletter - July, 2014

A Memorial Day Message of Thanks from Representative Navarro

I'm just saddened by the way the Obama Administration has handled the recent Veterans Administration scandal, and on this Memorial Day Weekend I can't help but think how much we owe our heroes. They certainly deserve better than what they have received, and our President hasn't stepped up to the plate to rectify this for our Veterans.

Appointing a White House insider to "investigate" is just business as usual; it's what the Obama administration does when they want to sweep something under the rug. The president has not shown he's serious. Veterans have died, but he hasn't held anyone accountable. It's unclear whether he grasps the urgency of the issue. People must be held accountable. Republican Party Chairman Priebus has called for an independent investigation—not one run by Obama insiders.

Memorial Day Weekend is a time in which we celebrate those men and women who have served and given all for this great nation. I have a very special veteran in my life, my dad Edward Archuleta who completed his career in the Army as a Sargent (E5). He was drafted in 1966 and served in Desert Storm. When I think about him, and all other Veterans not receiving the care they deserve and were promised from the Veteran's Administration my blood boils.

I want to offer my sincere gratitude and appreciation to all Veterans, please take a moment this weekend and personally thank the Veterans in your life for the freedoms we enjoy each and every day.

Edward Archuleta (Army)
State Representative Clarice Navarro
Sgt. Edward Archuleta (Army),
Jorji Ratzlaff, and Nina Ratzlaff

End of Session Wrap-Up

Statement by Rep. Clarice Navarro

Words cannot express how great it will be to be back in House District 47. The second session of the 69th General Assembly has had its ups and downs, but I learned many lessons and look forward to using the knowledge gained to create a better Colorado. I am so happy to be headed back to my friends and family, but I will continue to fight for what is right in Colorado.

Many of us were wishing for more bipartisanship this session but the Democratic majority had a different agenda. Good bills were killed, not because they wouldn't have made Colorado better, but because they were Republican ideas. A prime example of this was HB 1388, where Republicans offered an amendment that both sides of the aisle could agree to, but it was killed by a party-line vote. HB 1049, which created criminal offenses to people who harm an unborn child, was similar to HB 1049, but was killed in committee due to the fact it was a Republican bill.

This Session, without a doubt, was an attack on rural Colorado. Whether it was the water instream flows of SB 203 or the party-line vote to kill my bill HB 1097 that would have given hard working families a much needed tax break, the second Session of the 69th General Assembly was not kind to rural Colorado.

Still, despite all the left turns, the 2014 Legislative Session did mark some success stories, House Republicans successfully started to craft and navigate an agenda for Colorado that expands opportunity and equips Coloradans for a brighter future. When Republicans take back the majority, we will once again move Colorado in a more prosperous direction with less regulations and mandates.

After a brief rest, post Session, I can assure you that I will be out in the communities of House District 47 sharing how important it is that we, as Americans, stay engaged. The Democrats have marked me with a target, and I will be working hard to defend my record of standing up for the people I represent. The people of House District 47, and the State of Colorado, deserve a strong voice like mine fighting for our rural way of life and the values and principles we hold dear.

Republicans aren't just needed in our U.S. Congress, but let's make sure that we all get out and fight for a Republican majority in the Colorado State Senate, House and for Governor. We can do this if we stay united.

Representative Navarro Talks Up Colorado for RNC Convention

Salt Lake City, Utah – State Representative Clarice Navarro didn't miss an opportunity to push for Colorado to be the location of the 2016 National Republican Convention.

Representative Navarro is in Salt Lake City, Utah for GOPAC’s Emerging Leaders Western Republican Leadership Conference.  At this conference, “hundreds of activists, operatives, and party leaders from 13 states will discuss the future of the Republican Party,” according to GOPAC.

Representative Navarro met with Jennifer Sevilla Korn, RNC’s Deputy Director and National Director for Hispanic Initiatives, and used the opportunity to tout the advantages Colorado has over other cities to host the Republican National Convention in 2016. 

"I will take every opportunity I can get to encourage the RNC to bring the 2016 Republican National Convention to Colorado.  Back in March I sent a personal letter to Chairman Priebus.  Jennifer Korn and I discussed the contents of that letter and about the convention being held in Denver.  It would have a large positive economic impact, show the citizens of Colorado the diversity of the Republican Party, and we all know Colorado is ready for a major event like this," stated Representative Clarice Navarro.

GOPAC Emerging Leaders at WRLC

Click to view in a new tab.

GOPAC announces Colorado State Representative Clarice Navarro will be featured at their Emerging Leaders Town Hall during the Western Republican Leadership Conference in Salt Lake City, April 24-25, 2014.

“I'm very honored to be part of this emerging leaders group!” shared Representative Navarro.
“Representative Navarro has been successful at increasing funding for the Colorado Fraud
Investigators Unit to assist with ramping up investigations and preventative measures to stay ahead of identity thieves preying on Coloradans,” said GOPAC Chairman Frank Donatelli.

“Every two seconds, another American becomes a victim of identity fraud.” CNN Money
Citizens need to be protected whether it is from Target, 7-11 or Experian and these are just the most recent entities to be hacked.
Being an outspoken Legislator who believes strongly in protecting our children, our future, and our hard-earned money ensures that I will have a target on my back in my re-election.  In order to continue to fight for Colorado, I need your help.
Please take a moment right now to contribute to my campaign and allow me to work for you!  
Thank you!  Your generous support is greatly appreciated!

Clarice Navarro-Ratzlaff

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