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State Representative Navarro and State Representative Carver passed HB1172 out of the House Judiciary Committee today.  The bill requires a court to sentence a person convicted of a class 2 felony for human trafficking of a minor for sexual servitude to the department of corrections for a term of at least the minimum of the presumptive range for a class 2 felony, which is 8 years.

Human trafficking is an issue that impacts all of our communities, specifically our most vulnerable victims, and that is our children. There has been a 35% jump in reported cases of human trafficking collected through a hotline that has been established.  120 hotline contacts were made in 2016, and that is one nearly every three days. Firmer, and more stringent punishments can most certainly bring the number of victims down. 

State Representative Navarro stated, “None of us want to see our daughters, granddaughters, nieces, or anyone for that matter used as sexual slaves, and this bill takes Colorado one step in the right direction.  According to various sources, human trafficking is happening right under our noses, and the criminals involved in this type of activity deserve to be sentenced and punished for, what I consider, a sickening epidemic.” 

No Bail for Stalking and Domestic Violence Offenders

House Bill 1150 — titled “No Bail for Stalking and Domestic Violence Offenders” — is being spearheaded by Rep. Clarice Navarro, a Republican from southeast Colorado. It is scheduled to go before the House Judiciary Committee, and Navarro says she doesn’t see any opposition to the legislation.

Read more at http://www.denverpost.com/2017/03/01/stalkers-domestic-violence-offenders-bill/


Denver, CO…Today State Representative Clarice Navarro announced her support for President Donald Trump’s nominee to the Supreme Court of the United State Judge Neil Gorsuch of the U.S. Court of Appeals.  State Representative Navarro released the following statement of support:

“I am so pleased that our President is keeping his word on the promises he made during the campaign season, and it is wonderful to see a respected judge from Colorado as his nominee for the Supreme Court. Judge Gorsuch will serve the people of America on the Supreme Court with a deep and abiding respect for the Constitution as it is written.  I applaud President Trump on his pick of Judge Gorsuch as the Nominee, and I urge the United States Senate to confirm Judge Gorsuch as the next justice on our Nation’s highest court.”

Statement on Presidential Address

State Representative Navarro stated, "Unity and strength are what this Country is made of, and our President brilliantly delivered his speech and vision for this great Nation.  I'm proud of our President for keeping the promises he made during the campaign.  Making America great again is more than a slogan, and our President, Donald Trump, laid out a plan and vision that I can get behind."

HB 1166 Fails - CDOT Takes it On the Chin

Denver, CO…State Representative Navarro’s HB17-1166 failed to pass (10-2) out of the Transportation Committee today, but not without offering CDOT a tongue lashing from proponents testifying.  Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) vocally opposed the bill, and they offered testimony in opposition today. 

Representative Carver made an excellent point when she expressed how troubled  she was by the non-responsiveness of CDOT to the constituents of Colorado with such an important issue. 

State Representative Navarro stated, “I’m thankful that CDOT is finally paying attention.  As an Agency of this State they owe it to the people they serve to pay attention when called upon to do so.  This bill would have helped many.  The NO votes by some of the Representatives on this bill was a slap in the face to the business owners and home owners being impacted by arbitrary blockades in Penrose, CO.  I believe CDOTgot the message today, or at least they should have.  Non-responsiveness by a State Agency is not acceptable, nor will it be tolerated.”

HB17 - 1104 Navarro / Olympic / Paralympic Tax Bill Passes Out of Committee

Denver, CO...State Representative Navarro's 'Olympic/Paralympic Tax Exemption' bill HB17-1104 passed out of the House Finance Committee today 13/0.  This bill will allow Olympic and Paralympic athletes to not pay taxes on the value of their medals.  This bill has bipartisan support in both the House and the Senate Chambers.  The bill now moves on to the House Appropriations Committee.

Representative Navarro stated, "This has been one of the most interesting bills I've worked on, and it has been a pleasure visiting with the Olympians and Paralympians throughout this process.  I don't believe we should be taxing our athletes on their medals, and today the Finance Committee agreed with me.  I'm hoping that the Senate will see it the same way, and I look forward to seeing this bill become law in Colorado.   If it does, we will be the first state in the Union to make this happen, and it should serve as an incentive to our Olympic and Paralympic athletes to live and train in this great state.  They are all heroes, and our medalists deserve this modest tax break.  I personally thank our Olympians and Paralympians for their time and dedication to the U.S.A.  These medals are not 'income', they are a symbol of American pride, hard work, and devotion."

To learn more about the bill please visit:  http://leg.colorado.gov/bills/hb17-1104 

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