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Colorado Rural Electric Association (CREA) Endorsement

September 2, 2016…State Representative Clarice Navarro has been endorsed by the Colorado Rural Electric Association (CREA).  The Colorado Rural Electric Association is the trade group for Colorado’s electric cooperatives, providing education, safety information and training, legislative assistance and communication services.  The mission of the Colorado Rural Electric Association is to enhance and advance the interests of its member electric cooperatives through a united effort.

State Representative Navarro stated, "CREA provides vital services to rural Colorado, and anyone that knows me surely knows I love rural America.  Their endorsement carries a great deal of weight and credibility, and it will help with my reelection bid.”

For more information on CREA please visit:  http://crea.coop/

Colorado Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) Endorsement

September 2, 2016…State Representative Clarice Navarro has been endorsed by the Colorado Fraternal Order of Police (FOP).  The FOP is the largest professional police organization in the country.  There are no others that even come close to the number of members nationwide; or the work they do on behalf of the profession; or the resources.  The FOP is both a trade union and a Fraternal Organization, having both Labor Lodges & Fraternal Lodges.  They are also a "full service member representation organization" involving benevolence, legal support, community involvement, and fraternalism.  That has been the formula for their success from the beginning of the nation’s oldest law enforcement union.

State Representative Navarro stated, "FOP has come through for me and my campaign once again this year.  It’s an honor to receive their endorsement and to know they value my work on behalf of their organization and all of the people I am fortunate to represent.”

For more information on FOP please visit:  http://www.coloradofop.org/

Colorado Medical Society Endorsement

August 25, 2016…State Representative Clarice Navarro has been endorsed by the Colorado Medical Society (CMS).  CMS created CMSF, a 501(c)(3) Foundation whose mission is to administer and financially manage programs that seek to improve access to health care and health services, with the potential to improve the health of Colorado. CMS also created the CMS Education Foundation whose mission is to support education by providing scholarships to worthy Colorado medical students.

Through the years, CMS has also played an instrumental role in the formation and support of such Colorado institutions such as COPIC, CPEP, CPHP, CROP and CCMU, all as part of its mission to improve Colorado’s health care environment for physicians and the patients they serve. 

State Representative Navarro stated, "This is a meaningful endorsement because CMS knows how hard I work to improve and support healthcare in Southern Colorado.  Their endorsement is further proof that the healthcare needs of the people in Southern Colorado are important and deserve attention.”

USA Today: View on Trump/Clinton

I was recently asked to offer an "opposing view" in USA Today regarding Trump/Clinton.

Posted at:  http://www.usatoday.com/story/opinion/2016/08/24/donald-trump-latino-hispanic-voters-editorials-debates/89303072/

After a meeting with Mr. Trump, I found him to be consultative, compassionate.

(Photo: Jeff Swensen, Getty Images)

A lot can happen in the days leading up to a presidential election. And, after a recent meeting with Mr. Trump, I know the sparks are going to fly.

Latino voters are American voters. They want the laws followed, a safe America and a future of hope. While we may not have loved the delivery of some of Mr. Trump’s comments, his vision for “making America great again” is what matters.

We have over 70 days before the election, and there is so much more to come. I don’t believe that this election has even started until the debates begin.

Secretary Clinton has much to answer for to the American people. Hispanic Americans will see through the lies, deception and outright pandering.

We’re already seeing poll numbers changing in favor of Mr. Trump as her lies and debacles are brought to light to a generation of voters who didn’t even know the Clintons in office. I don’t believe for a second that she will have the answers that Americans deserve to hear for the problems she created.

Her time as secretary of State is marked by failure, dishonesty with the voters, email scandals that placed American security at risk, and her support of eight years of failed Obama policy. Americans are smart, and they are just in the beginning stages of making that final decision of where they want to see America go.

Again, after a recent meeting with Mr. Trump, I found him to be consultative, compassionate, and a man who understands the challenges we face, not just as Latinos, but as Americans. We are desperate for a new direction, and a Clinton presidency will only offer a four-year extension of the Obama administration. We deserve better now, and our children deserve better for their futures. That’s not solely a Hispanic or Latino vision; that is an American vision and hope.

There are more Hispanics living in poverty after eight failed years of Obama, and I know that Mr. Trump wants something different than that for all Americans. The pandering of the Clinton machine can’t change a failed record or her inability to be trusted. It’s time to get over the delivery and take a hard look at the message, and I believe American voters are doing just that. Si se puede!

Champion of Economic Freedom

afp2August 24, 2016…State Representative Clarice Navarro was awarded “Champion of Economic Freedom” yesterday at an event hosted by Americans for Prosperity Colorado (AFP).  She was commended for her votes that she has cast to further the cause of economic freedom.  Americans for Prosperity Foundation is dedicated to educating and training citizens to be courageous advocates for the ideas, principles, and policies of a free society—knowing that it leads to the greatest prosperity and wellbeing for all.

Representative Navarro was one of 1 of 7 legislators to score a 100% A+ rating based on the Colorado AFP criteria and score card. 

State Representative Navarro stated, "I’m thankful that there are organizations in Colorado and across the Nation that fight to protect the ‘American Dream’ each day for lower taxes, less government regulation and economic prosperity.  My A+ rating is a symbol of how hard I work to enhance the lives of those I represent.”

For more information on AFP please visit:  https://americansforprosperity.org/


Colorado Motor Carriers Association Endorsement

August 24, 2016…State Representative Clarice Navarro has been endorsed by the Colorado Motor Carriers Association (CMCA).  Since 1939, the Colorado Motor Carriers Association has been the voice of trucking in Colorado.  They are a driving force in promoting the interests of trucking, affecting change and improving the bottom line for the trucking industry. 

State Representative Navarro has been an outspoken advocate at the Colorado State Capitol for the trucking/shipping industry, and the CMCA organization recognizes her contributions to the industry and her voting record.

State Representative Navarro stated, "The trucking/shipping industry in Colorado is vital, and they’ve been subject to the overreach and burdensome regulations that the government imposes.  As with any small business or industry they know best how to run their businesses, and I’ve been a vocal supporter of CMCA.  Their endorsement means a great deal to me.”

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