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HB 1166 Fails - CDOT Takes it On the Chin

Denver, CO…State Representative Navarro’s HB17-1166 failed to pass (10-2) out of the Transportation Committee today, but not without offering CDOT a tongue lashing from proponents testifying.  Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) vocally opposed the bill, and they offered testimony in opposition today. 

Representative Carver made an excellent point when she expressed how troubled  she was by the non-responsiveness of CDOT to the constituents of Colorado with such an important issue. 

State Representative Navarro stated, “I’m thankful that CDOT is finally paying attention.  As an Agency of this State they owe it to the people they serve to pay attention when called upon to do so.  This bill would have helped many.  The NO votes by some of the Representatives on this bill was a slap in the face to the business owners and home owners being impacted by arbitrary blockades in Penrose, CO.  I believe CDOTgot the message today, or at least they should have.  Non-responsiveness by a State Agency is not acceptable, nor will it be tolerated.”

HB17 - 1104 Navarro / Olympic / Paralympic Tax Bill Passes Out of Committee

Denver, CO...State Representative Navarro's 'Olympic/Paralympic Tax Exemption' bill HB17-1104 passed out of the House Finance Committee today 13/0.  This bill will allow Olympic and Paralympic athletes to not pay taxes on the value of their medals.  This bill has bipartisan support in both the House and the Senate Chambers.  The bill now moves on to the House Appropriations Committee.

Representative Navarro stated, "This has been one of the most interesting bills I've worked on, and it has been a pleasure visiting with the Olympians and Paralympians throughout this process.  I don't believe we should be taxing our athletes on their medals, and today the Finance Committee agreed with me.  I'm hoping that the Senate will see it the same way, and I look forward to seeing this bill become law in Colorado.   If it does, we will be the first state in the Union to make this happen, and it should serve as an incentive to our Olympic and Paralympic athletes to live and train in this great state.  They are all heroes, and our medalists deserve this modest tax break.  I personally thank our Olympians and Paralympians for their time and dedication to the U.S.A.  These medals are not 'income', they are a symbol of American pride, hard work, and devotion."

To learn more about the bill please visit:  http://leg.colorado.gov/bills/hb17-1104 

Olympic Committee Asks Legislators for Support of HB-1104

Dear Representatives:

I am writing today to seek your support and sponsorship of HB-1104 – A Bill to Exclude Olympic and Paralympic Medal Earnings from Taxable Income.

Link to the bill:  http://leg.colorado.gov/bills/hb17-1104

As an organization which is proudly headquartered in Colorado, the US Olympic Committee strongly supports Representative Navarro’s efforts to exclude Olympic and Paralympic medal earnings from taxable income.  The US Congress recently enacted similar legislation on a bipartisan basis allowing Team USA’s athletes who competed in Rio de Janeiro last summer to exclude their Olympic and Paralympic Medal income from federal taxes in 2016, as well as any winnings in the future.  Colorado would be the first state to follow the US Congress.  This would be a tremendous gesture from a State that already calls many Olympic and Paralympic athletes Coloradans, and it can only encourage more to move to our great State!

I have attached a more formal letter of support from the USOC that explains why this bill is so important to our Olympic and Paralympic athletes.  We hope that you will take the time to read it and to consider our request for support. 

Thank you for your attention to this request.

Desiree Filippone

Read the USOC's letter to Rep. Navarro (PDF opens in a new window)

Fraud Investigation passes out of House Finance Committee

January 30, 2017...State Representative Navarro's House Bill 1043 passed out of the House Finance Committee today with bipartisan support.   This bill continues funding for the Fraud Investigation Unit that assists individuals and small businesses that have, and continue to be, impacted by identity theft and fraud. 

State Representative Navarro stated. "I'm proud of this bill, and the bipartisan support that it received is a great step in the right direction to help and assist victims of identity theft and fraud in Colorado.

Colorado has gone from 13th in the Nation regarding the number of reported ID theft victims to 21st.

Colorado has gone from 10th in the Nation regarding the number of fraud victims to 20th.

Since the Unit’s creation, they have assisted almost 10,000 victims, and they have participated in 57 arrests.

The passage of this bill out of the House Finance Committee is a step in ensuring these trends continue.  It always feels great when you can get a bill out of Committee that you know will help Colorado without growing the size and scope of government."

Rep Navarro Presents Fraud Protection Bill

January 29, 2017...State Representative Clarice Navarro will be presenting House Bill 1043 on Monday, January 30, 2017 to the House Finance Committee.  This is a similar bill that the Representative carried and passed in 2014.  In 2014, House Bill 1057 addressed the issue of identity theft and fraud investigation.  House Bill 1043, continues funding for the Fraud Investigation Unit through June 30, 2018, as House Bill 1057 sunsets.

Since the passage of Representative Navarro's bill in 2014, the demand for identity theft and financial fraud investigation services has dramatically increased, and it is expected to remain high.  There are approximately 40,000 Coloradans that are impacted each year by identity theft, and that number is not shrinking. 

Identity theft and financial fraud investigation services, which are provided by the Unit, directly assist individuals and local businesses all over the state.  The Unit has numerous success stories:

  • Colorado has gone from 13th in the Nation regarding the number of reported ID theft victims to 21st.
  • Colorado has gone from 10th in the Nation regarding the number of fraud victims to 20th.
  • Since the Unit’s creation, they have assisted almost 10,000 victims, and they have participated in 57 arrests.

Representative Navarro stated, "These are numbers and stats that we can be proud of, and it should be noted that this has been done without an increase in fees to the consumer."

This unit is the only centralized agency in the state that works solely on identity theft and financial fraud cases.  It has helped minimize the impact these activities could have on Coloradans and their businesses.  There is no increase in fees to the consumer, but there is an increase in assistance and protection to the consumer. 

This bill has a great deal of support from our business community and law enforcement in Colorado, and in 2014, the bill passed with bipartisan support. 

El Pueblo History Museum - Jan. 28

January 28, 2017…State Representative Clarice Navarro submitted a Colorado Open Records Act (CORA) request to History Colorado the parent organization to the El Pueblo History Museum.  The results of the CORA request have been received, and they may be found below:

Dear Mrs. Navarro, 

Thank you for submitting your CORA request, please see below the answer to your questions and if you need anything else feel free to contact me. 

  • How much taxpayer money is received by El Pueblo History Museum each year?
    The budget for El Pueblo for FY-17 is $317,364 of which $153,064 is from Limited Gaming Funds and $164,300 is from the Museum Cash Fund where all earned revenues are deposited (Rentals, admissions, educational programs, retail sales, etc.).
  • Who organized the event in which the effigy was placed?
    A third party Mr. Vicente Martinez Ortega was the event contact
  • Who is the Director or lead staff for El Pueblo Museum?
    Dawn DiPrince is the Director of El Pueblo History Museum.
  • Please provide, in electronic form, any email exchanges regarding this issue that include any or all of the following from taxpayer funded email accounts: Trump, piñata, strike & ANY and ALL forms of the date of January  20, 2017,  1/20/17  or  01-20-17.
    There was only one email between from Mr. Ortega asking one of our employees about the layout of the building, the rest of the attached emails are from the community residents asking about the event and all communications between the HC staff.
  • Who hung the actual “piñata”, and who directed the individual(s) to do so?
    The event organizer Mr. Ortega and his team. Because we were short staffed the event organizers were familiar with the site, they had access to the back room with tables chair and tools.
  • Does El Pueblo Museum have a "Set of Standards", if so, please provide.
    We have a contract that we are currently in the process of updating, please see attachment.

Dany McCoy, M.S.
Human Resources Director
303.866.2136 (w) 303.866.2317 (fax) | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
History Colorado Center, 1200 Broadway, Denver, CO 80203 | HistoryColorado.org

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