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Representative Navarro's Resolution 14-015 Memorializes Local Veteran Hero

On Saturday May 30, 2015 Representative Navarro will host the memorialization of the “SSG Justin L. Vasquez Memorial Bridge.”  The dedication of the bridge is due to Senate Joint Resolution 14-015, sponsored by Representative Navarro during the 2014 Legislative Session.  The bridge spans the Arkansas River approximately 1.5 miles north of Manzanola on Colorado State Highway 207.

Justin Vazquez was born in Rocky Ford, Colorado and resided in Manzanola, Colorado until he joined the United States Army in August of 1997.  He was deployed in “Operation Iraqi Freedom” from March 2003 to March 2004 and again in 2005 as a Bradley Commander.  On June 5, 2005, Staff Sergeant Vasquez was killed by an explosive device while assisting fellow soldiers who had previously been attacked.  He was awarded numerous medals for his bravery and service including the Bronze Star and Purple Heart.

“Sergeant Vasquez is a true hero,” said Representative Navarro.  “While he lives on in our hearts and memories, it is with the deepest honor that we are able to memorialize his legacy.”  Representative Navarro has continuously fought to honor and serve Colorado veterans.  “Southern Colorado is our home.  This resolution enables our entire community to give our heartfelt thanks.” 

Representative Navarro’s Bill Signed By Governor- Equaling the Playing Field for Veterans

hb15 1136 signingGovernor Hickenlooper signed Representative Navarro’s much-anticipated House Bill 15-1136 into law today. The passing of HB15-1136 is a big win for veterans. It will provide necessary benefits for Colorado’s disabled service men and women without any added drawbacks or “catches” for our state as a whole.

House Bill 1136 will give disabled veterans the same benefits that are granted to disabled nonveteran citizens in regards to parking privileged license plates. Currently, disabled, civilian (or nonveteran) citizens are given the option of obtaining two parking privileged license plates and placards in order for them to utilize handicapped parking with two different vehicles. This benefit was granted to the Colorado general public last year as a part of House Bill 14-1029 sponsored by Representative Primavera. Astonishingly, in Primavera’s bill this benefit was only offered to disabled civilian citizens, and excluded disabled veterans. Vets who wish to receive the disabled veteran or “DV” insignia on their license plate along with their parking privileged identifier were strictly limited to one plate and placard.

Representative Navarro made it a point to resolve this issue, and veterans are now able to play on an equal playing field. The legislative journey that House Bills 1136 took in order to get to the Governor’s desk was filled with mostly smooth sailing and zero opposition. It passed every one of its assigned committees in the Senate and House unopposed, and it received unanimous votes for both third readings.

“This bill is a no brainer. It should be an assured part of our society that we give our veterans the best benefits, and certainly the same allotted to nonveterans. This bill is just further verification that veteran-care is a bipartisan concern for all Colorado legislators, and it is good to see the expression of value by the legislature coming to light with this enactment.” Representative Navarro commented on her bill as she and the Senate Sponsor, Senator Woods, waited to meet with the Governor for his official authorization.

Governor Hickenlooper Signs YOS Bill Into Law – A Win for Southern Colorado

This morning (May 1, 2015), Representative Navarro’s Youthful Offender System bill (SB15-182) made it to the final stage of the Colorado State Legislature.  The bill was officially signed by Governor Hickenlooper and is now formally enacted.

SB15-182 will provide the Executive Director of the Department of Corrections (DOC) the ability to transfer certain inmates, age 24 years old and younger from the Department of Corrections to the Youthful Offender System (YOS), in order for them to participate in age-appropriate rehabilitation.

The Youthful Offender System Bill’s House co-sponsor was Representative Esgar, and the Senate sponsors were Senators Corwder and Garcia.  All legislators from surrounding Pueblo areas joined together in a bipartisan agreement to give the DOC the power to give young innmates adequate rehibilitaion in an attempt to reduce recidivism among Colorado’s troubled youth.

“This bill is a big win for Southern Colorado as it gives the DOC flexability to transfer innmates they believe will benefit from the YOS more than the Department of Corrections. I am more than happy to see this bill make it all the way, and I'm glad we could effectively cross party-lines in order to make it happen,” Representative Navarro said soon after the signing.

The Youthful Offender System facility can hold up to 250 offenders, and is located in Pueblo on the grounds of the Colorado Mental Health Institute of Pueblo.  Representative Navarro is now looking forward to her next bill signing which will be held on Monday as the Governor enacts her Veteran’s License Plate Bill.


Representative Navarro has been appointed to serve on the Labor and Economic Development Committee of the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) for this 2015-2016 biennium.  The state of Colorado’s presiding officer in the NCLS assigned Representative Navarro to this position.

The NCLS has nine standing committees that have appointed committee members from each state. The purpose of these committees is to develop policy on state-federal issues to guide NCLS’s lobbying efforts in Washington D.C. The standing committees bring state legislators together from all parts of the country in order for them to collaborate on new legislation, and benefit from the experiences of other states in in order to shape public policy. The nine different committees include: Budget and Revenue, Communications, Education, Health and Human Services, Labor and Economic Development, Law and Criminal Justice, Legislative Effectiveness, Natural Resources and Infrastructure, and finally, Redistricting and Elections.

Representative Navarro, being a part of the Labor and Economic Development Committee, will have to report with her fellow committee members twice a year at NCSL Legislative Summit Forums. Committee members are asked to bring perspectives from their chambers on the issues that the committees are addressing. Committee members are sometimes recruited to testify before congressional committees on NCSL policy directives and resolutions, or meet with federal agencies to advocate on behalf of the NCSL's general consensus on an issue.

You can find out more information about the National Conference of State Legislatures at their website http://www.ncsl.org/. Included in this press release is the acceptance letter that Representative Navarro received from the NCSL.

Representative Navarro Hosts First Annual "Southern Colorado Day at the Capitol"

On April 27th Representative Navarro and other elected officials from surrounding districts will host the first annual “Southern Colorado Day” at the Colorado State Capitol. The objective of the event is to address and highlight important issues that impact the people of Southern Colorado (SOCO), and to celebrate the great attributes and rich culture that SOCO has to offer.

Special events of “Southern Colorado Day” begin with tributes in the House of Representatives and Senate, acknowledging all the counties, universities, and state parks located in the Southern Colorado region. The tributes say, “Colorado’s Western Spirit and history lives on in Southern Colorado”. The day will move on with more events that honor the grandeur, beauty and history of Southern Colorado. Presentations will be offered from 12pm to 4pm in the Old Supreme Court Chambers addressing important topics impacting SOCO. The presentations will focus on water issues, the budget process and funding, and education.

Representative Navarro said, “It is important to recognize and honor all of the great things Southern Colorado has to offer, and I want to give people the opportunity to hear about important issues concerning the Region. I am more than excited to see a whole day dedicated to the issues, beauty, history and rich culture of Southern Colorado.  It’s home to me, and I love my home and the people I am honored to represent.”
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